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Grape and Wine in its DNA

In 1999 the Plínio Pizzato Family established PIZZATO Vinhas e Vinhos (Pizzato Vineyards and Wines) with the purpose of linking the PIZZATO brand of the already existing cultivation of vineyards to the wine production. The family's forefathers, since Antonio Pizzato's immigration to Brazil from Veneto, Italy by the end of 1800s, were known for dedicating themselves to growing vines.

The Family members are responsible for the whole process that makes wine a beverage of unique identity, from grape growing to winemaking and sale, thus generating a distinguished feature of enthusiasm, dedication, personality and uniqueness translated into wine.

It is with great pride that the Family see their wines nowadays among the most distinguished in tasting and panels of Brazilian wines. In addition, the Pizzato brand can be found in reputable restaurants and wine shops, in Brazil and 12 other countries.

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D.O. Vale dos Vinhedos explained

Vale dos Vinhedos is the first appelation ever in Brazil. It started in 2001 as a simple Geographical Indication (GI), then developed to a D.O. in 2009.

It's an area covering 73 square kilometers with several wineries dedicated to premium wines.

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Constant Evolution



Pizzato Reserve Merlot 1999



Pizzato Reserve Alicante 2004



Pizzato DNA 99 2005



Pizzato Brut 2006



Pizzato Reserve Chardonnay 2007



Pizzato Chardonnay Legno 2012


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Vineyard: where it all begins

The family owns 45 hectares (111 acres) of prime vineyards located in two viticultural areas, both within the so-called Serra Gaúcha region:

* Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves, the first geographical indication (GI) in Brazil ever, now a D.O. (Santa Lucia vineyard, PIZZATO brand)

* Doutor Fausto de Castro, Dois Lajeados (Dr Fausto vineyard, FAUSTO brand) .

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